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Custom Shipping and Mailer Box
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If you need heavy-duty shipping and mailer box packaging to send your products in bulk
into a retail store, use our custom packaging.

Custom shipping and Mailer Boxes

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Our range of mailers is built from 80% recycled cardboard, made printed with water-based ink and double-layer rigid corrugated cardboard. The dual-wall of corrugated cardboard means added security and strength compared to single-layer cardboard mailing boxes. If you need heavy-duty shipping and mailer box packaging to send your products in bulk into a retail store, use our custom packaging. This is the best way to solidify your packaging and make it consistent everywhere! Our range of eco-custom printed mailers and shipping boxes can be a unique way to brand your business.

Stylish Mailer Boxes are Good for Shipping Things:

Get a shipping and mailer packaging box that is designed to your specific need to meet your client’s requirements. You can customize information on your printed mailer boxes and shipping boxes packaging boxes to ensure that customers are excited about getting their orders and unboxing them. Choices available include tabs for ear locking, cherry locks, safe dust flaps, secure mailing folds, and much more. These custom shipping boxes are made from corrugated stock that can be assembled easily and quickly and are great for protection. There is no rocket science to manufacturing these printed mailer and corrugated shipping packaging boxes. Making them simply appealing is all your own choice. The flaps of these custom-colored mailer boxes are connected. The upper flaps keep the products away from dust or harmful means and hold the product inside very safe. Appealing product packaging boxes are especially used to export and import customized products worldwide for mailing or shipping purposes. These custom mailer boxes can be employed at multiple places. Shipping mailer boxes are used for various types of products as they have no sections allotted for a specific product. They can be used for e-commerce objects, food products, and many other types of products.

Why is Shipping &Mailer Box Packaging Important for Your Business?

People are ordering the products online, which means that packaging your items for shipping can be more important. Keeping customers happy and avoiding damage will help you keep your business longer! It is not easy to run a business if you decide to purchase our custom packaging boxes wholesale, we are going to offer you different discounts. For instance, we provide some discounts on mailer box packages of a certain size. You can put a good impression on your customers with these shipping and mailer packaging boxes. Your item will stand out because it will be in these mailer boxes. If you are searching to make your product amazing and more unique, there are the best ways to design the corrugated shipping packaging boxes for your product. If you have any trouble figuring out what you want to do, our experts can help. For your help, you do not need to pay anything, and we are available whenever you need us. Custom Packaging Deals offers you the possibility of getting a quote right away.

Introducing Innovative Custom Mailer Boxes That Will Change Your Brand Image

The packaging boxes are now available in a variety of shapes and colors. The product will appear more attractive to customers because of these packaging boxes. The shipping mailer boxes of a product is usually the first thing people see when they receive it. The packaging can be used to provide your buyers with an amazing unwrapping experience of the product. This will increase the potential customers for your products. Custom shipping and mailer box packaging are better than generic boxes because they are beautiful, no need for brown boxes when you can impress your customers with custom shipping and mailer boxes. These types of boxes can have your brand logo on them, and you can also put some information on them. The shape and size of the boxes can be changed. If you are going to put the products inside the box that might be damaged by being squeezed, then you shouldn’t put them in the box. You can get customized mailer boxes and shipping boxes for your various items so they can be carried out of the store more easily.


Corrugated shipping packaging boxes are very well built and strong enough to protect my product. Great presentation! Some of the best shipping and mailer packaging boxes I have used for my eCommerce business. Thanks, CPD!

These mailer boxes are excellent! They look very beautiful. They are fully assembled without using packing tape! We are very impressed with these shipping and mailer boxes.
Hazel M.

I love these shipping mailer boxes!! We use them to ship our useful glass products. We have been in search of the perfect white packaging boxes that kids can use to color on as well. They came packaged clean, nicely and faster than expected. Will be ordering more.


Can I order custom-printed mailer packaging boxes?
You can place orders online at wholesale price for custom printed mailer packaging and postal boxes, we ensure that the products will perfectly and safely arrive at you. If you have any problems during customizing decorative design mailer box packaging, feel free to contact us.
Who is the leading manufacturer of mailer box packaging in India?
Custom Packaging Deals as a leading manufacturer and supplier of cardboard mailer packaging boxes in India, we prepared a large number of shipping boxes in stock ready for shipment on the same day. We provide a huge variety of printed mailer packaging mailer boxes and shipping boxes in sizes, colors, shapes, styles, and weights.
What are the different types of mailer boxes?
Mailer box with prints on both sides – inside and outside. Cardboard printed sleeve mailer box. Chic box with black print on top and adhesive strips. A corrugated cardboard box with a unique print. Eco-friendly cardboard shipping boxes.
How eco-friendly are the mailing boxes that you offer?
We have a wide range of mailing boxes so it is hard to package them into one box. But all boxes are made up of corrugated cardboard that is produced with more than 60% recycled content. Cardboard has a finishing of the plastic lamination, recyclable cardboard that is biodegradable and compostable.
Would you be able to print pictures on the apparel packaging boxes?
Obviously, by utilizing the advanced machine and technologies we can print any of the emblems, images, illustrations, etc.

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