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Shipping Boxes

A Corrugated packaging box is a disposable container whose sides are made of layers of material that include,
an inside layer, middle layer, and outer layer.

Types of Corrugated Boxes

Straight Tuck End Box

Mailer Boxes

Shipping Boxes

Printed Boxes

White Boxes

Die Cut Boxes


The quality of every corrugated packaging box is very durable and can handle all the weight of products. These types of Boxes are mostly demanded in various industries such as the automobile industry, electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, Domestic appliance, Telecom industry, and many more. Our corrugated boxes are extremely lightweight and recyclable which can be used in many industries.

Eco-Friendly Cardboard Shipping Boxes:

Corrugated boxes are designed to fit any type of shipping requirements, that can run into thousands of different shapes, thicknesses, sizes, and designs. The assumption regarding Corrugated packaging boxes is that they are durable, sturdy, and long-lasting and have been formed, shaped, and processed to meet a required need. Whenever someone opens a box, they expect it to have a lid, sides, bottom, top, and inner space. These are the basic expectations and features of a Corrugated box. The manipulation and change of these basic components lead to a wide array of various types.

Folder Boxes

Folder Corrugated boxes are the self-rigid that has been scored such that they can be folded together. The types of folders include one-piece, tray, and five panels. The one-piece has a flat bottom with flaps that form with extensions of the side flaps forming the top.

Tuck Top Cardboard Shipping Box

The tuck top Auto Bottom box has been designed for efficient, quick, and easy setup. The structure of the tuck-top box has been completely pre-glued. Initially, this type of box is flat with the bottom tucked into the body and the top extended, and the top flaps. When the sides of the box are opened and separated, the bottom flattens allowing products to be loaded.

Slotted Boxes

A slotted packaging box is made of Corrugated fiberboard sheets that have been slotted and scored so that they can be shaped and folded to form a Corrugated packaging box. The slotted type boxes are the most common and widely used. There is an endless number of products, parts, and chemicals that can be stored or shipped using slotted Corrugated boxes.

Double Cover Corrugated Boxes

The body of a double cover Corrugated box is made of a rectangular and square tube. The bottom and top of the box are telescopic covers. The pieces are stored flat when needed, and the bottom and top telescopic pieces are slots assembled to allow positioning of the telescopic pieces.

For All Corrugated Box Needs:

We are corrugated packaging box manufacturers with years of rich industry experience. We can provide you with a wide range of corrugated boxes that are customized as per the specific needs of our clients. These boxes act as a protection for the product from damages. Our corrugated box is a cost-effective solution for packaging all-sized products. We can meet the specific packaging needs of different customers and industries. You just have to tell us the details of your packaging needs, and we will manufacture the packaging boxes as per your requirements.

We manufacture, design, and supply a wide range of corrugated boxes that are used for packing different types of products. Our corrugated boxes are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors as per the needs of the clients. We have a team of dedicated professionals, who design the packaging as per the specifications of the customers. We can also design and manufacture Customized Printed Boxes and other packaging boxes using the latest machinery and technology to meet your requirements.

Buy Corrugated Boxes Directly From Manufacturer

A Corrugated packaging box is a disposable container whose sides are made of layers of material that include an inside layer, middle layer, and outer layer. The middle layers are rigid wave-shaped that provide support and cushioning for weighted materials placed in a Corrugated box. The Cardboard box has become the most common form of shipping container and is found in every aspect of transport and material management.

Custom Packaging Deals is a leading corrugated box manufacturer and supplier company across the globe. Our Corrugated boxes are designed to determine what they can hold, how much they can hold, and what their strength is. The first step in box manufacturing is to examine the different elements, which are construction, burst strength, flute size, flat crush strength, edge crush strength, the weight of the paper, and the heaviness of the Corrugated fiberboard sheets, and types of surface treatments.

The Benefits of Using Corrugated Boxes


The ability of these packaging boxes to keep bacteria and moisture out is part of their protective strength. They come in various sizes that can vary according to the requirement of the product to be shipped. Our cardboard shipping boxes keep items safe during long-distance transportation, handling, and shipping. The protection can be adjusted for delicate.


There are standard sizes and shapes of Corrugated boxes, they can easily be manufactured to fit any type of demand and circumstances. Custom Packaging Deals provide the best bottom and top printed corrugated packaging box with company designs and logos. By having a well-displayed box, a company creates a stronger lasting brand identity.


The main benefit of using Corrugated boxes that have become so widely used is their cost compared to another cotton. Their use does not need increased labor, specialized equipment, and expensive tooling. Once they meet their usefulness, the Corrugated fiberboard sheets can be returned for remanufacturing and recycling.

Light Weight

Custom Packaging Deals, a Corrugated box manufacturer provides Corrugated boxes that are lightweight and strong and they are the perfect solution to weight shipping problems. Regardless of their weight, our manufacturer’s Corrugated boxes still have the strength to ensure the safety of any items.

Product Safety

A Corrugated packaging box is an insurance policy for items that have to travel long distances through various conditions. The walls and flutes of a Corrugated box can be the only defense an item has against the ill-treatment and the environment it may receive during shipping.


Thank you for all of the attention regarding our Corrugated packaging box design. Your vital guidance has saved our company countless money over the years. Thanks so much for giving us .

Your cheerful attitude to customer service is so refreshing that you treat customers like a number. We will continue to do business with you guys because of your hands-on personal approach.

Custom Packaging Deals is the Corrugated box manufacturer and supplier for the past several years. Our experience with Custom Packaging Deals has been one of complete satisfaction.


What is Corrugated Packaging?
What comes to people’s minds when they hear about corrugated boxes is a drab, rectangular-shaped box. Sure, this type of box serves a huge purpose, but corrugated boxes don’t have to be functional.
Do You Provide Wholesale Packaging Services?
Yes, We Custom Packaging Deals have all the facilities in place to get your wholesale requirements covered without any compromise with the quality at very nominal prices! Just connect with our dedicated professionals and help yourself with the best corrugated packaging experience!
Who Makes Corrugated Packaging Cartons?
We use a wide range of materials to manufacture the desired type of corrugated packaging box or other type of corrugated packaging box. We produce the finest in corrugated cartons.
Why select corrugated boxes for packaging?
Corrugated boxes are well known in the market for their reliability and supreme performance. These boxes are made up of wood so that they are completely safe to use and easy to lift and shift to different places. Our service is specialized in manufacturing Corrugated Packaging Boxes.
Are Corrugated Boxes Safe to use?
These wooden containers are completely safe and secure to use. We are specialized in the sphere of manufacturing Corrugated Packaging Boxes that are available in different combinations, and styles, from standard size to customized solutions.

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