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Rigid Packaging Box Manufacturer

Our Packaging store is an eCommerce packaging supply store that provides a dedicated one-stop solution
for every packaging requirement for every type of customer.

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Custom Packaging Deals integrates the entire process of packaging design into production. We make utmost efforts to ensure client’s satisfaction with the dedication to steady R&D related to customers and product’s perfection to participate in the process which is conveyed to both consumers and companies through the high-quality product. Our preference is to achieve excellence every day. It focuses our minds and drives our spirit on creating great solutions for upcoming challenges. Our team of experts is passionate about the performance and unfolding the true potential of employees. If you require flexible product packaging boxes for small lightweight products such as electrical fittings, cosmetics, undergarments, perfume, etc or you require rigid packaging boxes for medium to large size products like mobile phones/accessories, watches, liquor, pizza, gift, etc, we have advanced manufacturing facilities to create customized packaging that allows you to choose the best range of options for shape, style, material, window cut, finish, foiling, printing, etc. Connect with our professionals if you want to know more about us.

Different Types of Rigid Packaging Box:

Custom Packaging Deals is one of the largest Rigid box manufacturers across the country. There are the following types of Rigid box include:

Simple Rigid Box

Different grades of Rigid Kappa paper boards and Recycled Chip allow fantastic quality products to be placed securely and safely inside these boxes. This type of custom Rigid boxes is the best option for:

  • Premium products packing
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Selling Online
  • Luxury Packaging

Flap Open Magnetic Box

A professional and lovely packaging box that presents itself as a quality packaging made with good material. The quality of this box is:

  • Protective options available like foams
  • High-quality finishing and printing options
  • Portable Packaging
  • Reduce the risk of damage

Flat Fold Box

A flat fold box is suitable for any luxury brand, which saves shipping costs for your items.


  • Easily Assembled Luxury Folding Box
  • Stores Flat and Saves on Space & Shipping
  • Special packaging
  • Assorted Sizes & Materials Available

Drawer Style Box

The drawer-style box consists of two pieces. The frame of the drawer box is made from a Rigid kappa board. Kappa board Rigid box provides:

  • Special packaging for the product
  • Really elegant construction
  • The drawer design that makes you curious
  • Vibrant with unique graphics

Top and Bottom box

Initially, the key function of the top and bottom boxes was to protect the items. We typically recommend this type of box for packaging beverages, perfumes, chocolate, watches, technical goods, accessories, clothing, and more. It protects the items from any damage

Benefits of Custom Rigid Packaging Box:

Custom Packaging Deals is one of the largest Rigid box manufacturers across the globe. Rigid Packaging Boxes usually offer better protection for the items and products inside because the box itself offers support and structure. These types of containers are considered stronger and come with a heavier weight. Rigid packaging comes in various forms and is appropriate for so many items that you will have no problem finding the best solution for your product. Using kappa board Rigid box packaging materials gives an impression of quality. Consumers like to buy products that look luxurious and durable.

When it comes down to it, Rigid packaging is a great solution for many luxury brands looking to ensure that their items arrive at the consumer completely intact. Custom Rigid boxes significantly reduce the chances of your products becoming expired or damaged. It is the best solution for businesses that are searching to sell luxury and high-quality items. Most Rigid packaging materials give items and products a more glamorous feel because they are a little more expensive and stronger. Our Rigid packaging solutions for every stage of the process, including injection molding, thermoforming, extrusion, and blow molding for the production of consumer goods, such as bottles and caps, containers, cups, bowls, trays, and lids as well as personal care products and medical devices. For beverages, such as carbonated soft drinks and water.

Rigid Packaging Box Provider Company

If you are searching for a Rigid Packaging Box that is customized to meet your exact requirements, look no further than Custom Packaging Deals! We will provide you with the best packaging option for your business at an affordable rate. Our Packaging store is an eCommerce packaging supply store that provides a dedicated one-stop solution for every packaging requirement for every type of customer. Whether you are operating an online business or startup business that requires an ongoing e-commerce package manufacturer or supplier that ships products across the world, Custom Packaging Deals Rigid box manufacturers, online stores can help you with the requirement of quality packaging material, on-time delivery, and printing customized logos on packages at your business address.


They work on the required box till you are happy with it and always with a good attitude. I appreciate all their efforts.
Dinesh Ahuja

Very responsive and dedicated team. As expected design and finish. Rigid Packaging Box quality was good. Overall I am happy.
N. Kartik

The boxes were delivered safely in just two days. Highly recommend them for any Printing and designing requirements. Professional.
Taylor M


What is a rigid box?
Custom Rigid Packaging Boxes can change the look and feel of the item being packed inside. These rigid packages are made and designed for our customers all across the globe.
Why choose Custom Packaging Deals for rigid boxes?
Our rigid packaging boxes can be used by individual customers for multi-purpose. Our foremost focus is on providing high-quality packaging for your valuable brand and ensuring that you can choose your premium and high-quality packaging at affordable prices.
How to design rigid packaging boxes?
Designers often can create a sense of mystery for customers as they gaze upon high-end products. Additional packaging materials like inserts are very popular when designing rigid boxes.
Why rigid packaging boxes are better for your business?
For such conditions, the rigid packaging boxes will be more beneficial for your business. These rigid packaging boxes do not weigh much. No matter the thickness of the material you use in customizing your packaging boxes, It is better to say that their weight does not impact when they are placed on the scale; this feature is still the same.
What are the benefits of rigid boxes?
Here are several benefits of rigid boxes that are: Maximum Protection rigid boxes are stronger than your corrugated boxes. They act as a stable cushion for any items that they are carrying during handling and shipping.

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