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Custom Inserts Boxes Manufacturer

Custom Inserts Boxes, also known as packaging inlays and packaging box inserts, are used to ensure your items are safe and secure inside your box.

Exploring Types Of Packaging Inserts

Film Inserts

Textile Inserts

Cardboard Carton Inserts

Thermoformed Inserts

Pulpy Inserts

Corrugated inserts

Plastic Packaging Inserts

Foam Inserts


Custom Inserts Boxes are used to ensure that your item is secure inside the boxes. A little touch of elegance will make the unboxing experience more exciting for the customers. Custom Packaging Deals offers beautiful packaging box inserts. Our Inserts enhance the level of protection of your product. It is designed in such a perfect way that you put multiple items in one box. Custom Inserts have many manufacturing options such as Cupcake Insert Boxes, Appliances Insert Boxes, Household Inserts, and many more. You have the full freedom to customize anything you want that suits your brand requirements.

Inserts Made with Your Choice of Material:

Paper Inserts

Kraft paper Inserts or Paper Inserts are perfect for lightweight and small items such as stationery and beauty products and can be fully printed on.

Cardboard Inserts

Cardboard insert boxes are ideal for products that are heavier and need more protection, such as glass bottles. Corrugated Cardboard Inserts can be printed on.

Foam Packaging Inserts

Foam insert boxes are the best for fragile products like glass, jewelry, or electronics. These Inserts are eco-friendly and can not be printed on. It is available in white and black colors.

Different Inserts Accommodate Different Materials:

As with all man-made products, making Custom Inserts Boxes begins with the ingredients or raw materials. No matter how durable your inserts are, packaging box inserts are necessary to ensure your items are well-protected against blunt force or sudden movements. Every packaging product has its weaknesses; whether it be plastic models or glass bottles, there is always a solution to getting the correct type of packaging inserts to effectively protect your goods and products.
Whether you are searching for a custom packaging supplier or professional packaging design services, we help solve it all! Our professional in-house structural designers take the time to understand your product and its weaknesses by running multiple prototypes or tests to ensure that you receive the maximum protection for your products.
Our custom packaging insert was made to help businesses avoid this issue by providing all the requirements to receive protective packaging by making no compromises to the material, fit, and quality of our solution.

Custom Packaging Deals Verified Custom Inserts Boxes Supplier

Custom Inserts Boxes, also known as packaging inlays and packaging box inserts, are used to ensure your items are safe and secure inside your box. These boxes come in the form of paper inserts, Foam Inserts, or cardboard inserts. Other than product protection, insert boxes allow you to present your items beautifully during the unboxing experience. If you have multiple products in one box, packaging Inserts are the best way to position each product just the way you would like. You can fully customize every insert box with your branding! Take a look at our box or simply get inspired with a selection of ideas for an insert box.

Since Custom Packaging Deals is a custom box Inserts manufacturer, we can secure your items perfectly using one of our insert boxes. If your product requires to be presented or secured in your packaging inlays, we can manufacture and design custom Inserts to do the job. You can have custom Inserts made of each board, chipboard, foam, and vacuum-formed plastic. The material we use to manufacture your insert boxes depends on the quantity of your order. However, if you have already purchased your boxes elsewhere, and you require custom inserts, please feel free to contact us for a custom insert solution.

Different Types of Inserts That Fit Your Need

Die-Cut Chipboard Inserts

When you require to secure a few products in cavities, Die-cut chipboard Inserts are an inexpensive solution. Your product can rest securely in the cavity.

Die Cut Peachboard Inserts

Velboard custom Inserts or Die-cut peach board Inserts add a touch of elegance to your product. A variety of textures and colors are available for each board insert.

Partition Inserts

Partition Inserts are ideal for bulk products that are packaged in one box. Custom Packaging Deals uses different grades of chipboard to manufacture our partition inserts.

Tray Inserts

When items of similar size require to be packed in one box, Tray Inserts are an inexpensive solution. Tray Inserts are ideal for small quantity orders. Tray Inserts can be laminated inside.

Die Cut Foam Inserts

If your luxury products need extra protection, die-cut foam insert boxes are a perfect solution. As a leading Inserts manufacturer, we provide a huge variety of foam in different.

Vacuum Formed Plastic Inserts

Vacuum-formed Custom Inserts Boxes become an affordable option for bulk quantity orders. packaging box inserts will turn your package into a presentation.


We love working with Custom Packaging Deals. The major benefit of Custom Inserts Boxes is the ease of use for us. Box has certainly saved us money, but more importantly, it’s saved us energy and time.

We love Inserts because all the beauty products are in one place, it’s easy to use, and we can share products anywhere without shipping hard drives or paper. Inserts have saved us not only time, and energy but money, too.

We are very happy with the quality of the Inserts and the quality of the service from Custom Packaging Deals. We didn’t know what to expect coming into this project and everyone at Imperial was very helpful.


What are the benefits of packaging inserts?
The right packaging inserts increase loyalty: Customers are likely to return to a brand that appreciates them, and inserts can help your customers feel special. Inserts seem pretty simple—just throw a coupon in the box whenever you ship an order.
How can packaging inserts drive customer loyalty?
An online brand makes use of several types of inserts to drive customer loyalty. Customers receive a few inserts, including a coupon code for a 10% discount on their next purchase.
Why choose paperboard packaging inserts?
Corrugated or paperboard packaging inserts are made for versatile printing capabilities. For detailed thermoformed molds to hold your items snugly. These types of boxes are most commonly used for medical and food products. Eco-friendly and Sustainable with recyclable capabilities. Extremely tear-resistant and detailed thermoformed mold.
Why choose corrugated box inserts for your business?
There is a wide range of corrugated box inserts for your business. This includes both adjustable and fixed division sets, custom-engineered fittings tailored to your products, layer pads, and even the unique corrugated cushion packaging. You can also source a range of plastic and Foam Inserts.
What are packaging inserts and how to use them?
Packing inserts are the additional products that you include with your package along with the item that is ordered by the customer. These packaging inserts can be useful to establish a good relationship with the customer.

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