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Makeup and Cosmetic Product Packaging Suppliers

We are offering innovative cosmetic product packaging and eco friendly packaging materials for cosmetics to help you to stay ahead of the market competition.

Packaging Box For Cosmetic Industry

Perfume boxes

Essential oil packaging

Lipstick tube packaging

Eyelash boxes

Skin care packaging

Hair extension packaging

Nail polish packaging



If you are looking for the right direction to complete your next project, our expert team of designers is here to offer you instant help. We believe in providing packaging solutions to our customers and offering them a key harmony of function and aesthetics. Our professionals know to understand international designs and engineering challenges that enable us to offer the right solutions that are effective and efficient for your product. We help you to devise new concepts and explore the latest and creative possibilities to add a conceptual spark to our client’s product. In the case of providing shapes, designs, and color options, we offer numerous possibilities to support your business by providing the best quality and eco friendly packaging materials for cosmetics.

Cosmetics Packaging Box Manufacturer and Supplier:

Our cosmetic product packaging solutions offer everything you require for your products. We provide a full catalog of cosmetics, health, and skincare packaging as well as the ability to customize your options in Bottles, Droppers, Palettes, Pumps, Lip gloss, Deodorant containers,etc. We can serve cosmetic packaging box design to various brands from small to large, local to international, and high-end to emerging. We work with you in partnership so you can compete with confidence.

Why Cosmetic Packaging?

The first step in making an item popular in the competitive market is to package that item uniquely. It would be best if you package your cosmetic products to stand out. Custom Packaging Deals provides flexible termination for businesses with eco friendly packaging materials for cosmetics in a variety of different textures and formats. And maintain your products isolated from moisture and oxygen. Here are some benefits of Custom cosmetic product packaging:

  • Necessary for branding and marketing.
  • It’s leak-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Keep the product protected for the Long-term.
  • You have the benefits of Packaging design your own as you wish.
  • It protects the product from various moisture and contaminants.

Cosmetic Product Packaging Tailored to Your Cosmetic Industry:

At Custom Packaging Deal, we are proud of providing cutting-edge and innovative eco friendly packaging materials for cosmetics. As a leading company in the design, development & manufacturing of container packaging for toiletries, cosmetics, skincare, and fragrance products. We are offering innovative cosmetic product packaging to help you to stay ahead of the market competition. Our team of experts provides cutting-edge and innovative solutions to many of the largest brands that are working as flexible and dependable partners to bring their products into the market. We help to provide the customized packaging needs of our clients is one of the foremost things that we do at our best. As luxury cosmetics products require high-end packaging at a cost that makes sense. Our customers from high-end brands are our true partners as we offer custom cosmetic packaging box design, effects, and the right processes at reasonable pricing.

Nowadays, the industry has been changed and converted into creative insights with bold solutions as we know that you can’t afford to get lost in this competitive world. Our team of designers does not think just out of the box, we also think out of the pump, tube, and bottle. Brands are fueled by what is on the outside as much as the things are inside. Why should you stick with the standards of the typical ho-hum industry when they are never going to notice you? From the new, bold shapes and sizes, and mechanisms to simple and sleek standbys, we will provide you with custom-tailor and unique signatures to your brand. Our innovative packaging of cosmetics helps you to get noticed for all the right reasons.

Do You Need Custom Cosmetic Packaging?

Flexible packaging for Cosmetic Products

Flexible packaging includes any products shipped or sold or inside a paperboard, or cardboard box. It also includes any type of malleable wrapping like fabric, plastic, or foil – as well as any type of sealed sachet or pouch, and most types of mailers. This is usually the most environmentally friendly option.

Premium Packaging for Beauty Products

Premium packaging deserves to stand out – otherwise, how do customers know which option is best? We believe it is the little details that matter, so we ensure every detail is accounted for. whether you are talking about a high-end applicator or a ‘simple’ designer glass jar.

Rigid packaging for Cosmetic Products

Our rigid cosmetic packaging box design is the best choice for beauty and cosmetics products when customer expectations demand them or require more protection. We provide a wide selection of glass jars, makeup cases, plastic tubes, and assorted applicators – and we are generally familiar with most ways cosmetic product packaging for retail.


It is a pleasure for us as we were introduced to the best cosmetics products manufacturer. Custom Packaging Deals patiently helped us in solving all our packaging problems. Thank you very much for being a good partner.
M. Kalvin

Custom Packaging Deals is a very professional store about cosmetics and makeup product packaging. Here, I have found a lot of stylish and unique makeup product boxes. Thank you very much for offering us the best quality packaging service.

I am attracted by the attractive and stylish cosmetic packaging box design provided by Custom Packaging Deals. They provided us with a unique shape and variety that are the latest. I almost found the packaging product I want here.
Harry J.


Where are packaging boxes for cosmetics made?
We are a professional cosmetic packaging manufacturer company that is manufacturing high quality packaging boxes for the cosmetics industry. Cosmetic packaging boxes can be seen everywhere and appear in almost every house. We provide you with greater possibilities for custom cosmetics products packaging.
How many types of packaging boxes for cosmetics are available?
We provide customized cosmetic product packaging boxes for cosmetics that include perfume boxes, lipstick tube packaging, essential oil packaging, eyelash boxes, hair extension packaging, skin care packaging, nail polish packaging, etc. These types of cosmetic packaging can be selected as per specific products, different packaging structures, materials, and sizes.
What is included in the packaging of skincare products?
Packaging for skincare products includes cleansers packaging boxes, treatments and masks packaging boxes, oils and serums packaging boxes, creams and moisturizers packaging boxes, eye care packaging boxes, body care packaging boxes, sun care packaging
Do you provide packaging boxes for Cosmetic products in offset print?
We provide printed packaging boxes for cosmetics products in offset print for various products at reasonable rates.
Why select a custom packaging box for cosmetics?
A customized packaging for cosmetics products ensures that it is easily identifiable on the shelf of a cosmetic store. With increasing awareness about the conservation importance of the environment to attract more consumers.
How do you design packaging for cosmetics?
The cosmetic product packaging design foundation starts with the container type that you will use for your cosmetics products. Container types for cosmetics products include bottles, boxes, compacts, packets, palettes, pumps, droppers, jars, sprayers, tins, tubes, etc.

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