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We apply the same standards of creativity, flexibility, and cleanliness to everything we do for our clients, whether you require wholesale Candy Boxes Packaging for a specialty sale.

Different Types of Candy Packaging

Flexible Pouches

Gusset Bags

Pillow Pouches

Hanging Holes

Twist Closures & Heat-Sealed Bags

Gift Boxes

Reclosable Zipper Pouches


Candies are one of the best things that helps to satisfy a sweet tooth. The sweet and enticing flavors draw the attention of children. However, everyone whether they are children or adults has a favorite flavor of candy that they enjoy regardless of gender or age. In order to make treats more appealing, manufacturers pack candies in attractive Candy Boxes Packaging. Customized and printed packaging of candy gives a distinct identity to the brand.

Customers are more likely to pick attractive packaging products having unique features over the competition. Since products are made of qualitative cardboard, customized candy boxes without losing any flavor or quality. It is possible to customize candy boxes in different ways. Moreover, you can also add some decorative elements like shreds and bands into customized candy boxes. Due to the knowledge of sturdiness printing material of candy packaging design, we only print top-notch stocks.

Colorful and sparkling candy boxes make us crave milk, chocolate, and butter candies, etc. Customized candy boxes are a wonderful way that can show love and how much you care to your loved ones. To create eye-catching candy boxes, it needs the expertise of a professional. Many businesses and people have relied on CustomPackagingDeals for the best printing & packaging services that they have been pleased with.

Flexible Packaging Candy Industry Trend:

Demand for flexible packaging is growing in the candy industry. Flexible packaging boxes enable the candy industry to brand effectively. Candy and Snacks businesses can order custom-made flex candy packs in various shapes and sizes that are also made of sustainable materials. Custom flexible packaging options in the candy industry include the following:

Standup pouches

Standup pouches are excellent snacks and Candy Boxes Packaging options for various size candy servings. Multi-use shareable candy pouches and bags with high-tech resealing capabilities are also growing. Standup pouches are the best choices for scooping, pouring, and eating straight from the bag.

Roll stock

This is a popular option for various sizes of chocolate and non-chocolate candy packaging bags. With roll stock, brands can benefit from automation, which drives down unit prices. Roll stock is faster and cost-efficient to procure.

Lay-flat pouches

Lay-flat pouches are lightweight, best to serve loose candy, and can also be printed with candy packaging design and a transparent window for showcasing treats inside.

What Makes Candy Boxes Packaging Stand Out?

Custom Packaging Deals provides creative and eye-catching packaging to your candy boxes to create a long-lasting impression on your clients. We are candy packaging suppliers and manufacturers and provide custom candy packaging design as per your requirement with the environmentally-friendly wrapping for our customers. Eye-catching and creative designs on packaging help to promote a brand and drive awareness. Appealing and Stunning designs give the perception of higher value and can demand higher costs.

Custom printing and designing are one of the most effective techniques for creating high-impact and branded designs. Custom Packaging Deals enables you to include nutritional and marketing info or even a memorable brand story on the packaging. Brand owners can order these candy packaging bags options with multi-SKU runs, low minimum orders, and quick turnaround times. Our custom Candy Boxes Packaging is printed for your specific product, no matter the size and shape. In addition, we provide cold-seal technology to keep high-melt candies intact despite temperature during transportation.

Demand for Candy Boxes Packaging Set to Candy Industry

At Custom Packaging Deals, we have extensive experience in the manufacture of folding cartons to meet the requirements of our customers in the areas of candy packaging and other confectionery boxes. It’s become a specialty of ours. You may know exactly what you require for your project, or you may be seeking design assistance from professionals with experience in the field of confections and candy packaging. With our in-house die-making capability and structural designers, we take pride in providing a range of creative options. When you choose to deal with us as your Candy Boxes Packaging company, you’ll be dealing with the best in the business.

We apply the same standards of creativity, flexibility, and cleanliness to everything we do for our customers, whether you require wholesale and promotional candy packaging design for a specialty sale. Our customers know that we can manufacture and design custom confectionary packaging that carries the product safely. As experienced and capable candy packaging suppliers and manufacturers, we can deliver custom candy packaging bags with exceptional functionality as well as clean and eye-catching construction. When you source candy packaging supplies from Custom Packaging Deals, you will receive the satisfaction of doing something good for the environment.

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality Stock
  • Accurate Colors
  • Precise Sizing
  • Lovely Printing
  • Maximum Strength & Retention


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How to package a candy?
The final decision on packaging will be determined by the quantity and type of candy that is being processed. For example, hard candies go through both a primary as well as secondary packaging process. Each piece of the candy is individually packaged.
How many designs of the Candy Boxes Packaging stand out on the shelf at your place?
Our team of designers is inspired by some great designs of candy packaging. We have put many amazing designs of candy packaging that stand out on the shelf. Our designs of candy packaging are the most fun categories of food packaging. Plenty of fun, color, designs, and clever ideas are something that you often find in the packaging style of candy.
What are different models for sweets packaging?
Candies, lollipops, and novelty sweets benefit most from our innovative packaging models. Traditionally, pouching and bagging have become one of the most popular methods of packaging sweets like jelly beans and gummy bears. This method is employed as both a primary and secondary process of packaging.
What is bagging in the packaging of Candy?
Bagging in packaging or candy packaging bags is the second technique of packaging that allows manufacturers single servings, or fun packs by using filled retail-ready bags with pre-portioned and individual candy pouches.
What are the types of Candy packaging?
Hard candies generally go through both primary and secondary processes of packaging. Initially, each candy is individually packaged. For mints or jawbreakers, a wrap with a double twist or an airtight wrap with the horizontal flow is commonly used. It completes the primary process of packaging.

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