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Beer Packaging Box Manufacturer

All our beer packaging boxes are made using quality, sustainable corrugated cardboard to make sure that
your beer cans and bottles arrive safely.

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The team at Custom Packaging Deals is professional & reliable for beer packaging, beverage packaging box, and wine packaging box. We offer the best drinks packaging solution to beverage paper packaging, beer carrier and beer packaging boxes, and wine boxes. We also offer outer packaging for products that do not offer inner packaging, for example, Evergreen Pack. The boxes of drinks packaging have its unique requirements of packaging box material and style, and the outer packaging of products should be rigid. Many of our clients inform us that the label on bottles is required to be free from scratch, so the logo of their brand can be promoted once shown in the market. It requires boxes for wine packaging that have suitable cardboard dividers to protect the glass bottle. Meanwhile, wines and drinks are always of a higher price than standardized drinks, and the packaging of beer and drinks bottles needs to be outstanding and requires printing that is more accurate while adding some printing finish.

Why Choose Flexible Packaging For The Beer & Liquid Industry?

From concentrated post-mix syrup to juice, coffee, water, and tea, our flexible beer packaging design& box is the perfect solution for your beverages. Our bag-in-box is not only reliable, they make dispensing easier, designed to reduce waste, and preserve the freshness and integrity of your products at home, in food service locations, and in Beer & Liquid industrial facilities.
Know more about the advantages of bag-in-box flexible packaging on our benefits page.

Our flexible beer packaging boxes:

  • Keeps your product fresh
  • Preserves & protects
  • Cost-efficient
  • Saves you money
  • Versatile
  • Fits your needs
  • Safe practical
  • Meets sustainability objectives

Explore Popular Beer And Liquid Packaging:

Custom Packaging Deals is home to custom beer boxes and liquid boxes for you to get packaging ideas. See a beer packaging design you want? We can easily cater to your brand’s requirements. We beer packaging manufacturers are able to create custom liquid packaging solutions such as beer bottle carrier boxes, corrugated beer trays, beer packaging boxes, and other boxes. Our dedicated professionals aim to give you a custom beer & liquid packaging solution that is strong, reliable, and on-brand.

Innovative Beer Packaging Boxes For The Beer & Liquid industry

With many years of experience helping breweries with their packaging requirements, we know our stuff when it comes to beer & liquid packaging solutions for the brewing industry. All our beer packaging boxes are made using quality, sustainable corrugated cardboard to make sure that your beer cans and bottles arrive safely and can be printed with artwork of your choosing to help you create memorable brand experiences for existing and new customers. For Beverage paper packaging, we have rigid cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes to supply. They are customized for your bottle size or internal packaging size.

Our cutting tools cover the majority of the standard bottle and can sizes, saving you money and time. And if we haven’t got a standard pack, our in-house design team can create a bespoke beer packaging design for you. Beverage refers to the drinks except for wine and beer, including nutrition water, soft drinks, and so on. It’s common to pack cans with regular plastic bottles, slotted cartons, with corrugated fiberboard. If needed, you can also add foam dividers to avoid impact from inside and outside. Also, we can create customized printing on the boxes.


As a start-up manufacturer of specialized beer packaging boxes, our company has benefited greatly from the creativity and experience of your professional team. From the manufacture.

I just want to thank all of you at Custom Packaging Deals for making our business together with a most pleasurable experience. All of the staff at Custom Packaging Deals.

Working with the professionals at Custom Packaging Deals has been a pleasure. Their customer service, quality, great attention to detail, and on-time delivery were superb.


Do you manufacture wine gift boxes also?
Yes, our packaging box experts and designers have proven capabilities to create durable, attractive, and affordable wine gift boxes to suit your specific needs.
What are the more in-demand liquor gift packaging box materials that you use?
Liquor gift packaging boxes made of cardboard + polyester, polypropylene, and laminated kraft paper are more in demand.
What kind of material do you use in beer packaging boxes?
For being the top packaging box manufacturer and supplier, we facilitate you to choose from a range of materials – paperboard, compact cardboard, micro-channel cardboard, wood, polypropylene, kraft paper, etc.
Do you offer custom packaging solutions for beer & liquid?
We can create custom packaging solutions such as beer bottle carrier boxes, corrugated beer trays, liquor subscription boxes, and even personalized beer labels. Our team of professionals aims to give you a custom packaging solution that is strong, reliable, and on-brand. Don’t know what packaging box to choose? Our professionals can help!
What do customers want in liquid packaging?
Our beer & liquid packaging is providing customers with what they want. But, they also want to purchase multiple packaging boxes with the same characteristics—offering protection, convenience, and environmentally friendly packaging design.

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